Hague watermax water softener manual

Remove the chlorine before it ever touches your resin. Watermax water softener north carolina water consultants. The hague name means your water treatment has more than 50 years of engineering and science behind it say hello to soft water. Water softeners give us a call for services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and put over 15 years of experience behind your services. For outside installations, the appliance should be enclosed so it is protected from the weather. The watermax is energyefficient, water saving, and corrosionresistant for fresh, soft water, every time.

Technical information 60 series watermax valve cutaway flow chart 20. When i bought my house it had a large salt bridge, and my water tested hard. The pentair fleck 5800 series valves set a brand new standard for adaptability and innovative features. From our computerized solidstate systems control to our exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to. Watermax 63maq, watermax 63mdq, watermax 62akq, watermax 63beq, watermax. Once you realize the water coming from the tap is not the best the your options are. Grains removed per pound of salt is the most important specification to know about a water softener. From computerized solidstate systems control to our exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to. For optimum performance, program the water softener to regenerate first, followed by the iron filter.

Sure enough, the media controller container was leaking water and quite a bit at that. An 8 yr old hague watermax started leaking out of the overflow tube. Best water softeners maximizer water treatment hague. Water softener and water filter systems deliver clean delicious water to your entire house. Water conditioner softener hague watermax problem help. Watermax 60 series owners manual 492012 4 general information congratulations on choosing a superior hague water treatment appliance. See why 97% of our customers choose a hague watermax instead of a water softener. When the conditioner comes on the digital display reads going home, water starts flowing and such. Watermax 60 series owners manual softener brine tank figure 2.

Hague watermax overflow tube has started leaking, about 8. Water softener water has many benefits over untreated hard water. Some softeners are up to 200% less efficent than a hague watermax. Burlington watertech hague halton region service area.

Water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis hague. Hague quality water watermax 63maq pdf user manuals. View online or download hague quality water watermax 63maq owners manual and installation manual, owners installation manual. All other parts are provided free of charge for the first three years of ownership. Select the frequency based on the amount of iron in the water and the number of people in the household. Hague hydroclean softening system a o smith acquires ohio water softener company watermax water conditioner specifications hague quality watermax world cl water conditioning from hague quality kokomo indiana hague water systems dallas filtration by or water softener hague service. The watermax will remove 5,600 grains of hardness per pound of salt. Watermax 60 series water dispenser pdf manual download. Hague quality water products watermax water softener. Use this guide to attain the maximum benefit from your appliance. Water softening systems with hague watermax coastal. Fleck 5600sxt metered ondemand 48,000 grain water softener with brine tank, bypass and 1 adapters 4.

In 2004 margaret an older retired nun with alzheimer living alone in her home in was trickedscammed by a dealer for hague water softener company saylers suncoast water. Soft water allows your soaps and shampoos to lather more effectively. These parts are also interchangeable with other hague water treatment systems such as the maximizer, waterboss, and the hydroclean hc3. The model 97 offers a minimal footprint with maximum water quality. Cant get water to be soft again replaced almost everything. Watermax 50 series owners manual 121020 41 water conditioner specifications 50 series 53maq1 53beq1,2 53mxq1 53mdq 52amq1 52apq1 52akq 52ajq3. Should you have any questions about your water not meeting these standards, contact your hague dealer. The brine tank should have water in it to permit the solu tion to be carried into the softener. An efficiency rated water softener is a demand initiated regeneration softener that also complies with specific performance specifications intended to minimize. Hague will replace the media tank, brine tank, valve body and fine mesh polyresin free of charge for 25 years after the original purchase date. After coming home one day i heard water leaking and checked my hague system outside. No previous problems, local, non hague certified, plumber says to put a plastic hose to a drain and dont worry about it. Watermax world class water conditioning from hague quality water kokomo, indiana duration.

Maximizer model 97 steves plumbing bentonville, ar. The brine tank should have water in it to permit the solution to be carried into the softener. Hague water softeners are covered by a 25year limited warranty. Hague s cutting edge water softener designs work for you making sure your entire house enjoys the benefits of soft, clean water. This page has all of the parts you will need for the head of your hague watermax. Full color touch screen display with new customized settings. Compared to conventional water softeners, watermax saves. This allows you to use up to 75% less product and save money. Similar in function to the 6 button controller the smart touch controller offers a familiar functionality, but far superior looks, custom settings, and navigation. View online or download hague quality water watermax 60 series owners installation manual. Fully customizable and designed with precision, the watermax is utilityfriendly and gets you fresher, soft water from every tap in your home, every. This limited warranty covers the homeguard system delivered to the original. Hague s watermax is our top of the line water softener that is highly efficient in water, salt, and time with watermax clean and soft water is just the beginning.

Hague quality water international is proud to present the smart touch control. Prevents water channeling to give you a more efficient system using all the resin instead of using just part of the resin like other water softener systems. Save up to 30% on energy cost to heat up your water. Hague quality water international warrants that upon receipt from the owner of any hague media tank, brine tank, valve body, or the fine mesh polystyrene resin found to be defective in material or workmanship, hague will repair or replace the defective item, at no charge for that item, for 25 years from date of installation. Prolonged operation of a water softener at flow rates exceeding the tested service flow rate of 8 gpm 30. The problem i have is with a hague watermax 52 amq conditioner with the 2 tanks. Hague quality water user manuals download manualslib. Click here to learn more about the hague watermax water softener as compared to conventional water softeners. Smart touch controller product detail hague quality water. Hague quality water watermax 60 series pdf user manuals.

Get the hague watermax water softening system for your home or office and experience a water softener that is faster and more efficient than other systems. Only type of iron that can be treated with a water softener. What is the retail price of a hague watermax system. Bypass the water softener whenever you need it water your lawn, saltfree. Hi, i am trying to get a hague watermax up an running in a home i am buying. My water softener is a ge smartwater high flow valve softening system.

You can then get a life time of use from your water treatment system. If the water supply contains ferrous iron, a commercially available resin bed cleaner should be used every six months. This warranty covers the hague maximizer appliance delivered to the original. We have 1 hague quality water maximizer manual available for free pdf download. Faq frequently asked questions hague water conditioning.

From computerized, fullycustomizable controls to the ease of a builtin dirt and sediment filter, the watermax provides years of worryfree water treatment. This video shows how to initiate a manual regeneration on the hague watermax 6 button controller. Obviously there has to be something that caused this. It says it is regenerating but not using any salt and our water is hard again. Natural, chemicalfree healthy soaps and laundering agents work better with soft water. Hague quality water maximizer owners manual 40 pages series 96 water treatment appliance. Beyond cleaner dishes, softer clothes, reduced scale on plumbing, and longer lasting appliances, the watermax delivers many additional features that save energy, time, and money. View and download hague quality water watermax 60 series owners installation manual online.

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